Friday, 30 November 2012



So November. What a write off you were.

I started off the month in a right funk. I had no energy, no motivation, nothing. I decided to try and do something about it by minimising my usual distractions and taking little steps to get my mojo back. I even posted about it here.
Things were going well. I was going easy on myself and slowly I could feel myself refocusing. Ideas started to form again without having to force them. So far, so good I thought.

And then we were struck down with this sodding cold virus that's been going around. All of us. Dan first, then Pip and now me. And whilst she had the start of the cold, she was also having a bout of teething, my poor little Buddha.

We're finally finishing up with that little phase of fun and what would you know, it's the end of November and I have achieved nothing. Well almost nothing. I did take part in an Instagram photo-a-day challenge, but that's it. How depressing.

Now there's nothing left to do other than shrug it off, grab December by it's baubles and show November how a month is really done.

Just as soon as I can peel myself off this sofa..

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