Thursday, 29 November 2012

Alessi - 8 months

I'm fairly sure I only wrote her last update post yesterday, but the calendar assures me that Pip is now eight months old so here we go.

What can I say? In short she's crawling with confidence to the closest piece of furniture and pulling herself up. There she will stand until her legs get too tired, then she will sit down with a bump, have a little grizzle, play with something (most likely to be something she's not supposed to, phone, remote, laptop etc) and do it all over again.

If I'm sat on the sofa, she'll take a break from playing with her toys, crawl over, pull herself up and depending on her mood either rest her head in my lap (aww) or blow a raspberry on my knee (....aww). Unless of course, I'm on this thing in which case she will decide that she wants to play too.

This month also saw her get her first cold. Now I can put up with a lot of disgustingness from babies, but nose goo is not one of them. Unfortunately the dreaded snot sucker was needed daily and I heaved almost daily as a result. Our house reeks of Olbas Oil although I shouldn't complain, it's about the only thing that's enabled us all to get any sleep.
So that's a first that I didn't care too much for. Here's hoping it'll be sometime before we have any other illnesses to contend with. What with it being winter though, I fear I'm being overly optimistic.

She's such a goof and her personality is really shining through now. It's fun to see what kind of person she's becoming, the things she loves (her kazoo) and the things she doesn't (strawberry yogurt - strange child).

And here she is one last time. Pippy the Ham.

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