Thursday, 11 October 2012

No comment!

Not too long ago I was reading a post by one of my favourite bloggers. It was something quite personal to her and it took guts to share. Unfortunately as is often the case, someone decided to leave a comment personally attacking her and chose to do so while hiding behind anonymity.
I find people who do this abhorrent. I can't respect someone who doesn't have the guts to stand by their words and take responsibility for them.

However, this isn't news. We've all seen this from time to time and if you have a blog of your own you may even have experienced it yourself.
But something about this particular post stuck with me and ever since then, I've found myself holding back with my own writing. This started as a personal blog, a place to record times in my life that I would otherwise forget and to write about things that interest me. 
I don't want to hold back if there's something I want to write about and I don't want to worry about boring or offending anyone.

This is the reason you won't find the 'comment here' link at the bottom of my posts anymore.

It's a small move, but one I'm hoping will enable me to start writing freely again.
I enjoy blogging and I don't want to risk that enjoyment being taken away by a negative experience. 

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