Sunday, 16 September 2012

Camping 2012!

Earlier this week, me Dan and the Pip-face jumped into an overly packed car and headed down to Dorset for a couple of nights of sleeping under the stars.

It was sunny. It was wet. We didn't always see the stars, but it was bloody awesome nonetheless.

I was worried that Pip wouldn't sleep well. Ha! She slept insanely well. We on the other hand, did not. Apart from worrying that she was too hot/too cold/not breathing, we also had some terrible weather during the nights we were there. Heavy rain and strong winds woke us time and time again, but not Pip. So of course we thought the worst and would check on her again, only to find that she was still sound asleep. I actually had visions of her screaming the place down and having to drive home at three in the morning so I can't tell you what a relief this was.

The trip itself was a blink-and-you'll-miss-us deal. We only had one full day there and it rained for most of that, but I genuinely didn't care as I was having more fun that I'd anticipated and was relieved that Pip wasn't at all phased by the whole thing. We spent our time castle viewing (from afar - we didn't want to spend £18!), eating fish and chips by the sea and playing in the tent.

The camping site including photo of the eco-loo which I actually loved!

And then all too soon it was time to pack up the car and come home again. And just when the weather had sorted itself out too!

The place we went to was called Riverside Lakes in Dorset and if anyone is looking for a family friendly camping site for next year's trip, I couldn't recommend them enough. They have a shower and toilet block (as well as the eco-loo!)and a kitchen area so even if you're more of a 'glamping' than camping type, you'll still love it here. The owners are beyond friendly and helpful, they go around at night to each pitch making sure that everyone is ok and to check if they need anything. Other than that they leave you to it although they are always there if you need anything. All they ask in return is that you are respectful to other campers and the site's neighbours which should be a given anyway. You can find out more on their website,

We've been three times now and I know we'll go again in the future. Who knows, maybe next time it'll be with the friends who first introduced us to this fantastic place. It was weird to be there without them!

Oh and just to quickly point out that I'm not getting anything in return for pimping out this camping site. I just like it lots and wanted to share. :)


  1. We really enjoyed a weekend there recently the owners are amazing! We stayed in a bell tent so I didn't need to worry about my pregnant woes but got upgraded to a supermassive one was too big felt a bit mad never been in a tent you can do star jumps in! Definitely going back with the little one when it arrives I know we will be exactly the same checking if everything is ok

  2. it is weird not being with you too! We are desperate to start camping agin soon....hopefully next year! I wonder what the other campers will think when they hear a wolf howling in the night? x


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