Thursday, 21 June 2012

Alessi - 3 months

I was going to post this yesterday, but as it turned out, yesterday was a mammoth fail. I was supposed to be at my work's away day, but I got my days mixed up so couldn't go. To say I was mortified was an understatement! The day unfortunately went down hill from there so the post got shelved, as did brushing my hair and putting on deodorant. Like I said, mammoth fail.

Anyhow. My girl's now three months old and so for posterity, here's another update.

The colic has gone. I repeat, the colic has gone! Words cannot describe what a relief this is. To not have to listen to her cry from 5pm to around 10pm almost every night is like living the dream people. I mean, babies or no babies, you know how you feel when one starts crying? Your heart rate rises as does your stress levels, you wince and grit your teeth?
Well imagine being trapped in a room with that. For hours. No break.
Now imagine, the crying is coming from your offspring and there's sweet bugger all you can do to make it better even though they're looking to you to make it all go away. It's both frustrating and heartbreaking at the same time and it's also one of the many reasons why we won't be having more kids, but that's a post for another day.

On a brighter note, the kidlet is getting stronger day by day. She can hold herself steady when carried now which is a relief. I won't tell you how many times she caught me out by suddenly throwing herself backwards causing me to nearly drop her. Before you all go calling social services, I didn't. I caught her every time. Go me.

Speaking of being dropped though, she did launch herself out of her crib the other morning.  I heard a thud and when I turned around, saw her crib upright and Pip face down on the floor, looking sleepy, surprised and more than a little pissed off.
Again, before you reach for the phone, I can't stress enough that she was absolutely fine. She actually fell straight back asleep after we scooped her up off the floor. That night she moved from the rocker in our room to her cot bed in the nursery. Probably the worst night's sleep I'd had since she was born. I think I must have panicked over not hearing her breathing over the monitor only to go and check her to find her looking toasty (and very much breathing) in her big girl bed about a thousand times. I'm sure she did it on purpose.

What else is she doing? Well she's been smiling for some time now and laughed for the first time on Father's Day which was insanely cute. She hasn't really done it again since. She'll give you plenty of gummy grins, but the coos and the laughing are harder to come by. Hopefully this will change fairly soon because things got so much more fun when she started smiling. You could interact with her more and it made me feel like I was doing something right!

The only thing I've got to complain about is the fact that while she's great at sleeping during the night, she's pretty demanding during the day. She wants to do all this stuff, but can't work out how to do it so she shouts at me until I pick her up and put her over my shoulder where she can see everything that's going on.
This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that it makes the pelvis pain I suffered from during pregnancy return in full force. On a bad day like yesterday, I find it difficult to walk from room to room so carrying her just isn't an option. Try telling her that though.
I guess I ought to go and see the Dr about it, but to be honest, I don't hold much faith with the medical profession these days. GPs, midwives, nurses, surgeons, health visitors..we've been failed by each and every  one of them at some point and I've just had a gut full. But again, that's a post for another day. Maybe.

All in all though, things are really good here right now. Everyone kept telling us that things would get easier once she hit three months and so far, they all seem to be right. Long may it continue!


  1. GORGEOUS pics, so pleased the colic has gone, must have been a nightmare. and happy 3 month birthday xxx

  2. OH. She is beautiful! The last picture in particular has me melting into a big pile of goo. <3

    p.s. Happy 3 month birthday!

  3. Oh, she is scrummy! And so much HAIR! Benjamin had colic, from 7pm until 1am every evening, so I totally feel your pain. Glad things are looking up though - happy 3 months Alessi! x

  4. Thanks ladies. I've decided to make Pip a book of her first year using these posts. Also it's a good way to remember how things were, I already can't believe she was ever as small as she was a couple of months back!

  5. Ooh our babies are nearly the same age. Ditto on the not yet properly giggling. Amelie strains herself trying to but nada as of yet. Is so amazing how fast things change though isn't it, no longer newborns!

    1. God I know! Even though she's only 13 weeks I look back to when she was born and can't believe how much she's changed already. It's mental!


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