Tuesday, 26 June 2012

4 Simple Goals

Take body measurements
I'm a totally different shape and size than I was before I became pregnant. So it's time to get the old measuring tape out and see where I'm at size-wise. Not particularly looking forward to this one.

Cut out dress patterns in different sizes
I've bought a pattern, but I want to be able to make dresses in all sizes from it. So I'm going to  trace out a separate pattern in each size. A boring goal, but it will make life so much easier in the long run.

Make test dress 
This is just going to be a bog standard t-shirt dress with an elasticated waist for me to wear around the house. It's also a chance for me to practice sewing with this fabric and get a feel for it.

Cut out pattern pieces for second dress
This is the dress I want to make eventually, but without the sash and perhaps a little shorter. This pattern uses darts to shape the bodice which I may or may not leave out. Once I've made the t-shirt dress above, I'll then move on to this one, starting with cutting out the fabric pieces. Baby steps folks!

My first Simple Goals post since Pip was born. Needless to say I'm not going to try and set myself monthly goals any more. I'll get these done as and when I can, but as I'm finding it all to easy to fritter away my days without achieving anything dressmaking related, I'm hoping these posts will act as an incentive to get things moving again. And here's how I got on back in March..

Previous Goals

1. Make curtains for our room
I hated making these curtains. The blackout fabric is so thick they don't hang properly, but they work really well at keeping the light out so I guess they're a winner.

2. Make curtains for Pip's room
I didn't hate making these as much, but that's because I (happily) ran out of blackout material so didn't bother with it. As a result I was able to crank them out in about an hour, by which point as I was all curtained out. I never want to make curtains again.

3. Finish course
Words cannot explain how proud I am that I accomplished this. And the date on the certificate is the date Pip was born which makes it proper spesh. I'm giving myself major brownie points for this one.

4. Get garden ready for spring
Well. There always has to be one that I don't achieve!

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