Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Out with the old..

The sale has now ended which can mean only one thing..new stuff! Woo!

I'm very proud of everything I've made in the past, but my tastes have changed a lot since my time out and lately I've been yearning to create things that reflect my new style.

I said a few posts ago that I was going to add new items to my Etsy shop after the sale. That's still the case, but they are going to trickle in slowly now rather being added all together in one batch. I pride myself in making things well so I don't want to sell anything that I wouldn't buy myself. So with that in mind, a little more time is needed to master some new techniques first!

I seem to be tweeting more about my projects nowadays so if you'd like to read more and see the occasional photo, you can do so here. Despite all the obstacles that have been cropping up, progress is being made and I'm very excited about the new direction I'm moving in. 

Even if progress is a lot slower than I thought it would be! 

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