Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Motivational poster

So the holiday is finally drawing to a close and it's back to work I go. I can't put into words just how amazing this holiday has been. In no great way, it's simply been very restful and fun. I feel like it's recharged my batteries and I feel more prepared for the busy month ahead.

I've also spent a lot of time thinking about time and how quickly it passes. About how easy it is to let a day slip through your fingers. You'd be forgiven here if you think I'm referring to those days where you procrastinate and don't check anything off your to do list. However I'm not.
I'm actually talking about those days when you have a to do list the size of your arm and you use up all your energy completing it. By which time, not only are you completely frazzled, but you don't have much of the day left to enjoy anyway. I do this a lot. 

This holiday has opened my eyes to that and made me realise that while it's good to have lists and get things done, it's about quality, not quantity. Make a list by all means, I am still a big fan of lists as they keep you focused, but keep them short. No more than five things, less if they're big jobs. Make your time count and whatever you do, make sure you've got time afterwards to enjoy your day. As trite as it sounds, you'll never get it back again.

So that's the story behind my little motivational poster I guess. I'm going to print it off and pin it on my board at work. What's even more fitting is that it was taken at work during my lunch break. So even while I was stuck there, working on someone else's to do list, there was still the opportunity for some quality me time.

Go me. 

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