Thursday, 28 April 2011

Shopping and banana bread, it's the small things..

I absolutely LOVE sunflowers. That right there was enough of a reason to buy myself a bunch. These beauties are now sat on my kitchen window sill and they make me feel happy each time I catch a glimpse of them. 

But that's not why I'm here, oh no. As I've mentioned previously I'm currently working on new stock for The Small Things *excited squeal*. Before I launch my new line, I'm having a sale of my old stock as I really want to clear it entirely and start afresh. This means it's a proper sale. None of this two or three quid off lark. These babies are ready to go and anything that doesn't go will be donated to charity. 
Well, waste not, want not and all that.
I have to admit, it's been really interesting coming back to my old designs, I think there will still be certain aspects that I'll be keeping as I love them so much. Such as playing with bright colours and recycling fabrics.

So if you would like to "bag" yourself a bargain (thank you, thank you, I'm here all week) or if you'd just like to have a nosy, then head over to The Small Things which is now back open, woo hoo! Oh and do tell me what you think too, I'd love to hear any feedback you have. Unless of course it's just nasty in which case feel free to keep that under your hat. I don't want to be crying into my wine tonight thank you ta.

In other news, so far my holiday has been nothing short of blissful. I haven't being hugely productive, there's just been a whole lot of relaxing and eating food going on, occasionally interrupted by the odd burst of gardening or gate building (don't ask). A couple of days ago we drove into town to do a little shopping and I hauled home this little booty..

Clockwise from left
Pencil case - Accessorize
Hair grip - Claire's Accessories
Dress - Topshop
Turquoise earrings - Accessorize
Floral headband - New Look

Clockwise from left
Same dress as previously - Topshop
Purple nailvarnish - New Look
Nail buffer - Boots
Turquoise bracelets - New Look

And when I got home I decided to make use of the blackest bananas you've ever seen in your life and bake some banana bread. Before anyone has a fit, I actually intended to use these bananas for this purpose all along so they weren't left to go that bad on purpose. The glass of wine may not be an ingredient exactly, but I personally find that it's the only thing that stops me from eating the uncooked bread mix, so to me it's as important as the bananas.

Unfortunately the draw back of including wine into the mix is that my banana loaves always get left a little too long. Still, it tastes "gurt lush" as they say 'round these parts.

And tomorrow? Sorry if you're trying to avoid it, but tomorrow will be all about the Royal Wedding. I'll be going to watch it at the local park with the husband shape and some friends. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't rain! Whatever you decide to do, have fun doing it!


  1. sunflowers really are so pretty - I've never actually had any in my house, may have to get some!! Mmmm Banana bread is one of my favs yum :) Enjoy the wedding 2moro, I'll just be watching it in my living room (there is thunder & lightening forecast for here tomorrow (Cheshire) )

  2. damn, your goodies look awesome, and so does that banana bread, now i am hungry!

  3. please can you make an entry on how to make banana bread? and also one on how to get to bed at a decent time?


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