Sunday, 22 May 2011

Etsy Love

A while ago, the company I work for moved offices and since then, everyone has added personal touches to their desks. You know the sort of thing, family photos, plants, pretty pictures etc. Everyone that is except me. I'm not sure why I haven't done it yet, but my desk still looks the same as it did when we all moved in.

Enter Etsy! Last night I spent some quality time getting together a collection of work space related favourites and I thought I would share them here.
I absolutely love this cross stitch kit. It would look so cute on my pin board. And as I already have an old baked bin tin as my pen tidy I'm half way there!

Well let's be honest, we all have days like this and because I've seen so many "keep calm and carry on" prints that they've lost all meaning to me. Also because it makes me smile.

Probably one of the coolest mouse mats I've ever seen

Cute! Nuff said.

Unfortunately I have little to no natural light at my desk so I'm not sure anything would survive, but still. Surely even I could keep moss going?

And of course the obligatory family photos. I don't have in my house let alone on my desk, but I could be tempted to by these. 

Unfortunately these might have to remain on my favourites list for a while longer as I'm going to be flat broke for the next few weeks. But as good ol' Shakespeare said, poor and content is rich and rich enough. Although to be fair, he hadn't seen that mouse mat.


  1. Or those push pins! I didn't know I needed pretty pins until now.

  2. The sad thing is, I only listed six items favourites list is actually a little longer!


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