Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A change of plan

Does any one remember my grand plan of unveiling brand new stock next month?

Well since then I've had a case of the light bulbs and as a result my plans have changed a bit. My old stock is still up for sale for another week and as planned any remaining pieces will go to charity. Unfortuantely, at this point my old plan starts to get a bit squiffy..

I've decided to put a few items in my shop next week, but not as many as I was originally going to. Right now my head is crammed full of new and exciting ideas and I want to do ALL of them. It's very distracting.
And this is where the problems start because not all of these ideas are feasable with a full time job. I only have so much time to devote to them so something has to give.

That's why I've decided to change my original plan and hold back on the big shop relaunch for the time being. As I said, I will add a few pieces though. I love creating things and I really want to get the shop up and running again in some form or another.

I'm a little nervous if I'm honest as what I currently have in mind takes me well out of my comfort zone and I could of course, fail spectacularly. I'm not quite ready to go into more detail than that at the moment simply because I'm not even sure what I'm dealing with myself just yet!
It's all just a mess of ideas, thoughts and scribbles in notebooks right now. Rest assured when I'm clearer about what it is that I'm aiming towards, I will definitely share it here too.

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