Friday, 8 April 2011

Seeds - garden update

Now that spring has most definitely sprung, I'm busy planting seeds like a mo fo. Although, this year I'm doing things a little differently. Usually I have a flower bed in my garden, but it took so much work that this year I've decided to dedicate it solely to growing vegetables and the like.

During the winter I straightened it out as it had been a really weird shape before. No idea why. The people who lived here before us were odd.
Last month I planted all the seeds that needed growing in doors and this month I'll be transplanting them outdoors along with some more seeds that need to be sewn directly where they are to grow.

So far I've got courgettes, sweet peppers, gherkins and sweet peas growing indoors. Oh and some giant sunflowers of course. Anyone who knows me, knows that if there's only one thing I grow each year, it's sunflowers. It simply has to be done. I'm in love with them and this year I went for the giant variety, the mother of all sunflowers. I want some giants up in my garden this year!

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