Monday, 24 January 2011

Project Wednesday

So I've been complaining about the weather a lot lately and at some point, (mid-moan probably) I realised that I've been putting a lot of things off. Things that I want to work on, but had convinced myself I couldn't because it was too dark to take photos, there wasn't enough time in the day, it was too cold/wet etc, etc.

I also realised that I'd be a daft old mare to put things off for stupid reasons like these. January is all but gone already! What I needed was a plan to motivate me into here's what I came up with.

Ladies and Gents, introducing...*drum roll*...Project Wednesday!

OK, OK I know, the name is beyond naff. I might change it later if I can think of something better, but for the meantime at least, “Project Wednesday” it is.

This will basically a chance for me to focus my energies towards achieving 3 simple goals rather than chasing a whole bunch of ideas in my head and getting no where with any of them. Each Wednesday I will share my progress with you all which I hope will keep me motivated and on track!

The three goals I've chosen are:

Wardrobe Overhaul

I‘m stuck in a fashion rut right now folk. Leggings, dress and cardigan combo at work, jeans and hoodies on weekends. It's enough to make Gok Wan cry.

And did you know that apparently the average woman uses 20% of her wardrobe, 80% of the time and the rest just sits there gathering dust? Sounds about right in my case, so the aim of this project is to;
a) get me out of my fashion rut, 
b) get me using more of my wardrobe and 
c) to have a general tidy out, giving stuff to a charity shop or re-vamping it where I can.

Crafting Corner Makeover

I now have a corner designated for my sewing machine and other crafty materials. It's definitely fit for it's purpose, but not very inspiring as you can see.

Kitchen Wall Makeover

Yup, I can now count myself in that list of people who have thought; "I bet exposed brick would make that room look amazing...I'm going to give it a shot". The wall you can see is the one that I intend to destroy makeover. I've stripped a little wallpaper, but haven't really got further than that. Mainly due to fear.
This is the project I'm the most nervous about. If I screw it up, not only am I going to have to figure out how to fix it, but I might just have a tutting husband standing behind me as I go about it. Which wouldn't be good. 

So there you have it folks. I'm feeling all kinds of excited about these projects and sharing my progress with you all. Do let me know what you think!

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