Sunday, 23 January 2011

I'd say that I had spring fever, but I know it isn't spring..

"With a bit of luck it'll last until the weekend.."

Those were my words weren't they, in my last post? Well guess what? "it" (the sunny weather) didn't last. Not. At. All.
It came out to taunt me while I was trapped at work, but decided to go play somewhere else as soon I was set free for the weekend. Ta for that sun. No really. Thanks a chuffing lot.

Never the less as you can see from the photo above, I did manage to take some photos. Unfortunately I didn't get up to much other than a mad cleaning blitz so my pictures are simply of random things that made me smile throughout the day. 

Coffee. 'Real deal' coffee with sugar and cream. Never fails to make me smile. 

Spring's a comin'. The daffodils say so!

Soon my very discreet (!!) wellies can be put to good use once again. This again, makes me smile.

The photograph of the daffodil pushing itself up through the dirt made me feel stupidly inspired and happy. It reminded me that spring is on it's way, even if it doesn't always feel like it. Soon it will be easier to do things and more importantly, feel like doing things! 

Have you noticed how, in the winter, not only is it harder to do anything due to the colder and darker days, but it's harder to want to do anything? It's like your 'get up and go' gets up and goes south for the winter along with the birds. 

But sun or no sun, I needed today. When January started my head was literally buzzing with new ideas. So much so that it was almost overwhelming at times. Then I just lost my enthusiasm. It was always too cold, too grey or too dark to do what I wanted to do and so I fell into a funk.
Today reminded me that the days are getting longer and this feeling of being stuck in a rut is all in my head. If I want to get something done, there's no point using the short days and weather as an excuse..just get on and do it! Or as much as you can at least. The rest will follow in it's own sweet time.

More on this train of thought to follow shortly..

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