Thursday, 10 September 2015

Winter is coming..

Sorry. I couldn't resist.
Here's my annual winter list. A bunch of stuff that needs doing around the house and garden to prepare for the colder months with some more fun stuff thrown in too. Because you know, autumn.

Make a conker garland for the shed windows to deter spiders
Prune the tree next to the conservatory
Plant spring bulbs (daffodils and snowdrops for me)
Mulch flower beds
Move tender plants under cover
Check fences and secure where necessary
Tidy shed
Clear conservatory and weather proof grape vines ready for colder, damper weather

Check lights, wipers, screen washers and heaters
Add de-icer, scraper, torch and blanket

Stock up on candles and tealights
Get a string of fairy lights for the living room
Start a new granny square blanket
Wash blankets
Put up autumn decorations
Clean windows and wash curtains
Make a new curtain for front door and add draught excluder
Paint cupboard door white
New hot water bottles for me and Alessi

Warmer clothes down from attic
Stock up with jumpers, woolly socks and tights
Make that winter coat!
Woolly hats, scarves and gloves at the ready
Make some pyjamas - long sleeves are needed in winter
Slippers and new dressing gown for Alessi


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