Saturday, 17 January 2015

My project 'not much of an update' # 1

Do you remember back in November of last year, I optimistically set myself not one, not two, but three different side projects? Right before one of my busiest times of the year no less? Yeah, that was smart. Well unsurprisingly I've made little progress on any of them. 

1. The bedside cabinet revamp - These are now in our living room to allow ventilation to get to our cold, mould trap of a wall. I've sanded the units down, but otherwise they remain untouched.
2. My winter coat - I have the fabric I need. I've draped it over the dress form. I've even paired it with my gorgeous faux fur stole in the hope it would ignite some motivation, but other than that I've done little else other than look at it.
3. Our ugly dining table - I attempted sanding it, but had underestimated what a bastard sanding away all that lacquer would be. Then when I did get down to the wood beneath, I found that it wasn't worth the hassle. It's tough, but not very pretty. So I made the decision to paint it, trawled Pinterest and came across this.

SOURCE: Pinterest
I won't be doing this as such. Instead I will paint it blue and make a tablecloth to add the rest of the colour and floral detail. Given the current rate of progress with these projects though, the tablecloth will have to wait.

I'm aiming to write another project update in a few weeks and by then I'm hoping to have finished the bedside/livingroom cabinets, cut out my coat pieces and at least bought the paint for the table. 

There. I've said it so I must do it. 

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