Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday musings and conker collecting


We've had a lovely weekend. I caught up on all the sleep I've missed lately (please Alessi be kind to me this week!) we went on a woodland walk on the hunt for conkers and I even managed to make a start on the dining room table. And in between there was good food  (Dan's been cooking), plenty of sunshine and a fair bit of lounging around. All ingredients for a happy weekend.

Now I'm looking at the week ahead and wondering where to start. I want to experiment with some fabric flowers and I'd like to try my hand at some embroidery too. As well as that I'd like to keep things moving project-wise so I guess they'll be more sanding at some point. And probably some pinning for upcycling inspiration..ha! Like I need an excuse to spend more time on Pinterest!
And then there's the usual office days, cooking, cleaning and toddler entertaining to juggle.

Well no one likes to be bored do they?

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