Saturday, 8 February 2014

Too much weather!

Do not read this if a) you hate people complaining about the weather or b) you're an Audi driver.

WEATHER! There's too much of it going on at the moment. And if you're one of those people who complains loudly on Twitter about other people who complain about the weather, well frankly I have no patience for you today so please chuffing do one. Mama's about to get her rant on.

All of this water falling out of the sky. I didn't mind it at first. It's winter after all and this is what happens, it gets cold. But it's now getting to the point of depressing. And annoying. And expensive. For us it's caused a few hundred pounds worth of damage and I'm sick and tired of having to hunt around for my recycling bins and having other people's crap making its home in our front yard.

And oy, the traffic. On a good day I can make it from work to Pip's nursery in twenty minutes. Last night the journey took me an hour and twenty. Needless to say I didn't pick Pip up. As luck would have it, Dan had the day off and was able to collect her instead otherwise we would have been fined a stupid amount for picking her up late and I would have been in the nursery staff's bad books. I'm still paying for forgetting her piece of fruit the other week. I jest, the ladies who work there are lovely.
Flooding and land slips have caused mayhem on the roads in Bath and it seems that the worse the weather gets, the worse people drive. Beeping each other, taking crazy risks and just generally acting like noobs. Audi drivers I'm looking at YOU here. When you reach a roundabout you GIVE WAY to traffic approaching from your right. This rule of the road does not change with the weather I promise you.

But all this is nothing when you compare it to what you see on the news. Mass flooding. People being evacuated from their homes..again. Losing so much and having damage done to their homes which they simply cannot afford. Farmers losing their livelihoods and being unable to do anything but watch.

I'm usually pretty optimistic about weather when it's a bit wet and blowy, it's the Welsh in me I guess. But seeing it start to effect people so negatively and feeling the effects myself, I think it's safe to say my optimism has been blown away somewhere. Probably the same place as my recycling bin.
So what do you say Mother Nature? I know we treat you like crap, but can we call it a day now? Please.

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