Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Cool running

Last October I decided to stop procrastinating, stick on a sports bra and try that ol' running malarkey everyone and their dog seemed to be doing. No one was more surprised that I was that I genuinely enjoyed it. Mainly because up until that point I didn't exercise. And I mean at all. I had tried to get into to various things. Swimming, yoga, spinning, Salsa aerobics and some torture disguised as an exercise class called Ab Attack - I hated them all. I either felt bored, resentful that I was paying good money for such rubbish or just just plain uncomfortable that I was exercising with a group of people.
That last one was a biggie for me. When it comes to exercising, I like to go solo. I don't want some skinny, tanned bombshell in front of me shaking her bum perfectly in time with the music while I have a seizure behind her (and in the wrong direction I might add). 

That's why running appealed. You can do it whenever you want. At the drop of a hat. It's free, you can push yourself as much (or as little) as you like and all you need is a pair of trainers and a sports bra. 

Today I hit my first target. I ran a mile without stopping. Actually I ran 1.38 miles without stopping to be exact. Now considering I started running months ago, this will seem like very slow progression to most. However two years after Pip was born I continue to have pelvis pain if I push myself too much so I'm taking the whole thing very slowly. And slow progression or not, I'm very proud of myself and grateful that after all these years I've finally found a form of exercise that I genuinely enjoy.

Now I've just got to come up with a new goal!

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