Monday, 16 September 2013

Children's Non-Slip Socks Tutorial

Actually this DIY is so ridiculously simple that it's more of a tip than a tutorial. 
Alessi has to wear non slip socks at nursery and when she first started we found it really hard to find cheap ones. I knew I could make my own, but just never got around to buying the fabric paint needed. Luckily when we went to Wales a few weeks ago, my Mum was having a craft supplies clear out and had some bottles of fabric paint going spare. Needless to say I snaffled them up! Now Alessi has all the non-slip socks she could need.

To make your own you will need 1) socks and 2) fabric paint. That's it. Then get painting! You don't have to be creative, anything will do. As long as there's enough paint on the soles to give the wearer some traction on slippery services. Dots or zig-zags are perfect - and easy.

Et voila! One tip though. Don't let your toddler 'inspect' your work until it's properly dry, (second sock from left). It won't look quite the same. But you knew that


  1. Brilliant! I was thinking only yesterday that I needed to get Isla some more non-slip socks, but I can never find any in the shops. I've got piles of fabric paint stashed away though, so now I have the perfect use for it!

    1. It's crazy what a simple solution it is, especially considering the price of them in some shops. And now Alessi isn't slipping and sliding all over the kitchen. Win win!

      Glad the post helped! :)


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