Thursday, 21 March 2013

I just got Liebstered!

You know that Charlotte over at I'm Only Saying What You're Thinking? Well she only went and gave me a Liebster Award didn't she!
"What's a Liebster Award?" I hear you ask. Well it's an award presented by bloggers, to their favourite small blogs. Along with the award, you're also provided with 11 questions to answer. The idea is to spread some love over the Blogosphere, have some fun and find some new and interesting blogs to follow at the same time. How lovely!

Here are my questions from Charlotte;

1. What's your favourite thing to do when you have time alone?
If I have any quiet time I usually hole myself up in my sewing room with a cup of tea and try to get some dressmaking done. Either that or blogging. It may seem self indulgent to some, but whatever your opinion on blogging may be, I absolutely love it and along with sewing, it's my all time favourite thing to do in my spare time.

2. If you could move to any place in the world, where would it be?
Vancouver, Vancouver, Vancouver.
Dan and I went there on our honeymoon and fell in love. Folk are so friendly, the city is buzzing, the surrounding countryside is breathtaking..and it's home to the Canucks. Nuff said.

3. What item will you be coveting for the new season?
Maxi skirts and 70's platform sandals. I probably won't get a chance to wear either, but a girl can dream.

4. What's your favourite season?
Autumn, always and forever.

5. Drink of choice?
Vodka and tonic. This girl is kind to me. She allows me to get merry without beating me about the head the following day and for that she'll always be my trusty 'go to' tipple.

6. A childhood memory?
Asking Santa for a jar of pickled onions for Christmas and being over the moon when I got one!

7. Tea or coffee?
Tea please. Milk, one sugar, not too weak. Lovely stuff.

8. What's your favourite dish to cook?
Roast veg. It's a weekly staple in this house as it's so quick and easy to throw together. Perfect for those days when you're just too tired to make much of an effort.

9. Favourite TV programme?
This changes frequently, but lately it's been Lena Dunham's TV series 'Girls'. I watched the finale of season 2 last night and I already miss it.

10. Celeb crush?
Kevin Bacon. Oh come on. Like you wouldn't!

11. What 5 people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?
Joan Jet for the stories and the guitar lesson I would persuade her to give me
Stephen Fry simply because I believe him to be near perfect in every way
Chris Hadfield for being a man who tweets from space (er, AWESOME) and makes me smile on a daily basis
Dawn French for the belly laughs and 
Lena Dunham because she is my girl crush and I love her like cake

That's it! I hope I didn't bore you. Now this is the part where I get to give a Liebster to some blogs that I love. Unsurprisingly some of the blogs I would have given a Liebster too have already been given one, I'm Only Saying What You're Thinking included. But I would very much like to give one to

My Little Acorns
The Owl and The Accordion
Seeds and Stitches and
Coomberism's Blog

If the ladies from the above blogs would like to take part then here are my 11 questions for you:

  1. How would you describe your blog in three words?
  2. How did you get into blogging?
  3. What's the story behind your blog name?
  4. What are your favourite topics to write about?
  5. How would you describe your perfect day?
  6. How would you describe your actual day?
  7. What - other than family, is guaranteed to make you smile?
  8. What is your guilty pleasure music-wise?
  9. How would you describe your style?
  10. What is the best book you've ever read?
  11. Stripes or polka dots?

Thanks again Charlotte for including me in your list of favourite blogs. It made me smile muchly. *Smooch*

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