Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Alessi - 7 months

Well she's found forward gear!

For the past month she's been shuffling around backwards. Grizzling with frustration at not being able to go the other way, or during the (many) times she found herself stuck under the sofa bed in the sewing room.

But now my little babba has done it and yes, I am knackered as a result, thank you.
Bless her though she gets so proud of herself. I'll get this look as if to say, "look mum! I just crawled over to the the nappy changing basket and pulled everything out while you were looking the other way. Am I smart or what?!"
Yes my darling girl, you're a genius. Now stop eating the wet wipes.

Other developments, my girl's got moves! She looks like she's playing with an invisible hula hoop. That or she's having some kind of seizure, but it's hellish cute either way.
She's also found her voice properly too. Gone are the days of the Mariah Carey squeal. That was so two months ago. She's finally playing with sounds like "la", "ma", "da" and an odd, but too cute clicking sound with her tongue. You know the noises. The usual baby babble noises that parents think are amazing, but other people, not so much.
She's also going to be a musical genius as she can play the kazoo. I know. I'm so proud. Unfortunately like the invisible hula hooping, there's no video evidence of this either, but take my word for it. She's a kazoo playing genius.
Elvis lives.

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