Thursday, 27 September 2012

Alessi - 6 months

She's laughing!

Well yeah, sort of. It turns out that, that old man style cough she's been doing sporadically over the past couple of months wasn't her gearing up for laughing, that was her actual laugh. Now she's doing it on a regular basis so I guess she's been there for some time. Clearly we just weren't very funny a few months ago. Now it seems, we're bloody hilarious.

This month has been utterly mental as far as changes are concerned. There's been so many I've struggled to keep up. She can now sit unsupported, roll over and stand (holding on to someone to balance her). She soaks up everything she can and she is so, so smiley.

Her favourite things are blowing raspberries, squealing and her glow worm toy

The weaning is going nicely. She's loved everything she's been given so far except peas and is now having a breakfast and dinner each day. Like most kids she hates the clean up and it's a bloody nightmare if she gets food in her hair so her hairband is more important that her bib during mealtimes.

Speaking of hair, it's growing quickly at the moment and finally losing that Ellie Goulding shaved look to the side of her head. The down side is that it's a complete nightmare to tame. I have to confess there are days that I don't bother.

Unfortunately that's all I've got time for (thank fook for that I hear you cry), as we're heading to Wales again tomorrow and I'm supposed to be packing. So while I go and do that, I'll leave you with this random video of the little guppy doing what she does best.

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