Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Alessi - 4 months

Is it that time again? It doesn't feel like a month has past since the last update!

Ho well. Another month gone so here we go. The biggest change (at least for me and Dan) is that over the past couple of weeks she's started sleeping through the night. I don't trust it though. It just feels a little too good to be true so we're making the most of it while we can!

She's still up into everything. Or at least, she makes you help her be up into everything. While she's conquered the head holding up thing, she still gets frustrated at not being able to do the sitting up thing, the standing up thing, or the be high up and see everything herself thing. So she shouts. A lot. Until someone picks her up and then it's like she's watching a tennis match. Her head will whip from side to side so fast I'm sure she can't actually see anything, but she's got to see EVERYTHING. ALL THE TIME. It's as if she's afraid that if she takes her eye off the world for one second, she'll miss something amazing. 

She's also started teething. I didn't think that this wouldn't happen until at least six months so it caught me by surprise. In fact I kept denying it, every time Dan suggested it I just fobbed it off as her having discovered her hands. There's no denying it any more though. If the constant drool and gnawing on anything she can get her hands on aren't clue enough, we can now actually see the teeth just under her gums. I think it will be a slow process though so I'm strapping myself in.

She's started taking regular naps during the day too which is making my life a whole lot easier! They give me a chance to get things done like oooh, brushing my hair and putting on deodorant. I may not get much done each day still, but at least I don't smell. They don't last very long though, half an hour tops so anything I want to get done has to be quick. 

She's still not laughing yet. She smiles a huge smile and looks as though she's about to giggle at any second, but nothing actually comes out. She'll get there in her own time. I'm just impatient because it feels so great each time she smiles at me. Hearing her giggle will be like crack.

While she may not be laughing yet, she is discovering her voice. Her new favourite sound is a high pitched squeal that would put Mariah Carey to shame. It's really cute. It's also quite painful if she does it right next to your ear. Her other favourite thing is blowing spit bubbles. Oh how I love that one. It's like having a baby shaped slug as a daughter. Bibs are an important part of her daily ensembles.

And that's it for now. Here's where I blink and find myself writing update number five..

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