Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A trip back home

This weekend we visited the family in Wales. I was pretty nervous as I had no idea how Alessi would take such a long car journey and staying in unfamiliar environments. As it turned out, she couldn't have been less bothered by it all.

The first stop was my Mum's place. My Mum works really odd hours and this photo was taken at midnight, shortly after she came home. We eventually went to bed after 1am as poor Mum was looking pretty knackered, but despite this I still had to prise Alessi from her arms! It was really lovely to see how she was with her though and I managed to take a few sneaky shots with my phone when she wasn't looking!

Fritha over at Tigerlilly Quinn will appreciate this. After visiting mum we stopped off in Aber as Dan wanted to show Alessi the sea and 'kick the bar'.

I have no idea how or when this started, but kicking the bar is a bit of a local tradition. At the end of seafront there's quite literally, a bar and it's customary to kick it once you reach the end.
Of course we had to take photos of ourselves doing it. The tourists thought we were nuts.

Next up was my Dads. I'm totally kicking myself now as I didn't get any photos of him with Alessi. I'm hoping to visit again later this summer though so I'll make sure I get some then.
I did take loads of photos of the valley where he lives. It's the most beautiful place and I always come away from any visit there totally desperate to be surrounded by trees again. His house is the only one on that side of the river and there are only two ways to get to it. You either drive through the river, or if the river is too high, as it was, then you have to walk.

First we parked the car up the road and then crossed the little footbridge..

 ..the view from the footbridge..

Then we walked along the footpath

Until we got home!

This is the 'beach' and it's where Dan proposed to me. We go there almost every time we visit to skim stones. The picture at the top of this post is one such stone. He etched "D,K+A" on it before skimming it across the river.

The Kari-Me wrap being used for reals. I bloody love that thing!

I was really worried that Alessi would be wired the whole weekend and would spend most of her time crying. In fact she spent most of her weekend like this..

Unlike now. Clearly the Welsh air agreed with her! If that's not reason enough to go back very soon then I don't know what is.


  1. your dad's house is my dreamhouse!! it's so beautiful there:)

  2. Just catching up on your blog! love seeing the sling in action.
    Alessi is a beautiful name. we were going to go for Alba (italian for 'sunrise' and also the little girl in the time travellers wife) I couldn't give a poop that it's also an electrical company...who made my radio alarm clock!
    Also...her eyebrows are amazing!!!


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