Friday, 8 July 2011


ARGH! We're off camping today and I had a plan of making some bunting and writing a post about it today. Then life got in the way and well, let's just say that there is no bunting to take pictures of.

In fact I have to hold up my hand and confess that I have nothing note worthy to share with you all today. So instead I shall offer you my best puppy dog face and apologise. Things will be back to normal next week, but right now I need to stop drinking coffee and get our stuff together! Dan and I have a reputation for forgetting our tent or something from the tent which has seen us having to buy a new one at the eleventh hour. I have sworn that we will NOT be doing that again so I have a list and I need to start checking it.

Have a lovely weekend folks and I promise I will be back with some photos of the camping trip next week.

Kim x

1 comment:

  1. damn you, woman. I was looking forward to the bunting and now my weekend is ruined!:P


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