Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Veggie Patch Update

I can tell it's summer now when I look at the vegetable patch. Finally things are starting to bloom. I always find that when I first plant things out that they take a couple of weeks to start growing again. It's as though, despite looking perfectly healthy, they go into shock at being thrust outside. Almost as if they've forgotten that they're plants and are supposed to be there!

But now not only have the plants been growing up and out, but the vegetable part is actually doing it's thing too. I now have the start of courgettes, gherkins, peas and a even a strawberry! Yup, my two ickle strawberry plants that were left neglected and dug up twice by the chickens have still managed to produce a single little strawberry. I'm so proud.

I'm watching my gherkin plant quite closely. Having never grown them before I have no idea what to expect from this plant. I actually thought that it would be similar to the courgettes in some way, or vine like, but no. It's growing up and is a little odd looking if I'm honest. It still seems very small too, but considering it was also dug up twice by the chickens, I'm just pleased that it's growing at all.

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