Friday, 17 June 2011

Soggy hens do not happy hens make

A couple of weeks ago I commented that my chickens were not enjoying the rainy weather so much. Then I put the problem to the back of my mind hoping that it wouldn't be something I would have to worry about until autumn. And then it rained.
It rained a lot.

My poor girls! These photos were taken on a day when it rained particularly heavily and just would not stop, not even for a few minutes. Puddles formed and it wasn't long before Hen, Margot, Maureen starting looking very bedraggled and sorry for themselves.

Dan was an absolute love and went out in the rain to make a shelter for them as they didn't want to stay in their coop - which was toasty and dry I might add. This helped and by the evening the rain eased up enough for them to dry off a little. 

It's only temporary though. We need to come up with something sturdier to protect them from the elements. In the meantime, at least this make shift shelter works. So hopefully I won't see them looking that soggy again for a while!


  1. perhaps you could try putting woodchip down? it soaks up a lot of the water, keeps it a bit dry for them? and it's cheap i think...

  2. Yeah, we did think about it, but right now it would be too costly.
    Luckily Dan's shelter is really doing the trick, so they're happy hens again. :)

  3. You should check your local council. In Holland they often have things like sand and woodchip left over from council job thingies and you can pick it up real cheap, sometimes even for free. See if your council does anything like that.


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