Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Happy List

Last winter I found getting up in the mornings really hard work. It was dark, I was tired, the bed was warm and the bedroom was not. Crawling out of bed in such conditions did not a happy Kim make.

So in order to distract myself from the cold and to try and maintain some level of positivity on those miserable winter mornings I created a little game for myself. As I blindly fumbled about in the dark, I would start listing ten things that I was grateful for. Needless to say back then, my big, fluffy dressing gown and woolly bed socks would usually appear in the list somewhere!

I play this game all the time now as it really does cheer me up and refocuses my thoughts on what is really important in my life. So I thought, why not make it a regular feature on my blog and share the things that make me happy with you guys too?

So here it is, ten things that I'm grateful for and that make me oh so happy right now.

1) Dan - I love just how much he makes me laugh, even when he doesn't mean to. For example, he mumbled something about a "stupid arsed bee" the other day because it kept flying into the window, then turned around and walked into the washing line. Ladies and gentlemen at the top of my list, my stupid arsed husband.

2) Sunflowers - As I mentioned in a previous post and can be guessed from simply looking at my blog picture, I like sunflowers. A lot. But then, who doesn't right?

3) Coffee. Another obvious one maybe given the title of this blog, but I really do love the stuff. Odd because when I first tasted it I thought it was the foulest thing I'd ever had. For the life of me I couldn't understand why anyone would drink it. Those days have long gone!

4) Friendship bracelets - I'm having something of a friendship braclet revival. I used to make these all the time at school so it's making me feel seriously nostalgic and happy to make them again.

5) Friday afternoons - Specifically that moment when you leave work and realise that you have the whole weekend stretching out in front of you. It's a feeling of relief and freedom and excitement all smooshed up in to one happy moment.

6) My vegetable patch - Regualr blog readers will know that I like to garden and my little veggie patch is keeping me well entertained this spring. It wasn't until I added it to this list though that I realised I don't have a photograph of it yet! So in the meantime, this one will have to do..I love the gardener's shoes!

7) Sunny weather - I know, I know. How British of me to bring up the weather, but as I am British, I am also only too aware how unpredictable it can be. We're having lovely weather at the moment, but this could soon disappear and we could have rain for the rest of the summer. It's happened before so I'm intending to enjoy it and be grateful for every ray while it's still here!

8) Rainy weather - Seeing as we've established that I'm a stereotypical Brit, I may as well include the rain in here. In little spurts, this is the good stuff. It waters my garden for me, fills up my water but and makes my plants look all green and happy looking.

9) Pimms - Sod it, let's stick with the British theme  shall we? I love, love, LOVE this stuff, but I can only drink it at this time of year. It's a summer drink and drinking it in the winter would be like having a glass of mulled wine right about now. And that would just be crazy.

Image source

10) Visits from old friends - And moving on from the Brit theme to a Dutch one instead, number ten on my happy list is the thought that my dear friend Lona will be back in Blighty tomorrow for a well overdue visit. She is a photographer and an awesome one at that. You can check out her work here.

So those are the things that are making me happy this Tuesday, what about you? What things are making you smile today?

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