Friday, 15 April 2011

The one where I catch the craft fair bug

The craft fair was a lot of fun. There was coffee, cake, paper aeroplanes and I came away with a gorgeous necklace to boot!

I sold a couple of pieces too which if I'm honest, I really wasn't expecting. The remaining pieces will soon go up on to Etsy along with the supplies that I will no longer need. All the proceeds will go towards new supplies and then I can really get going again. I can't wait!

Unfortunately as it was just the old stock I was trying to clear, my table was pretty empty looking, even the table cloth didn't quite fit! But it was still great fun, I picked up some good tips and it's definitely given me a taste for it so hopefully I will have more posts like this to share in the future.

Here's a quick picture of me setting up the table - you can see what I mean about the table cloth!

1 comment:

  1. holy crappers, i wanna do a fair with you so bad!

    (did that sound dirty?)


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