Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Small Things and The Bag Pixie

Once upon a time there was a a little store called The Small Things. There a girl could find all manner of gorgeous accessories and bags all lovingly made by a little bag pixie. Over time, The Small Things grew in it's success and kept the bag pixie very busy. "Come out and play with us" said her friends, but alas, the bag pixie had to stay in her sewing room and make more bags for the store. "Not today, maybe later" she would call back. But she never went out to play.
She worked and worked and worked until one day, the bag pixie decided that she didn't want to spend all her days making bags. She longed to go outside and play in the sunshine. After a particularly busy summer of bag making the pixie eventually decided that she was pooped and shut down The Small Things shop. As she shut the door on her studio, her trusty sewing machine crossed it's bobbins and made a wish, that the bag pixie would return one day to sew once again.

A year and a day later, the bag pixie started to think about her sewing machine again and felt sad that she had shut down her little store. "Perhaps, she thought, it is time for me to return to The Small Things. After all, I am wiser now and will make sure that I spend some time in the sun as well as in my little studio."

So she returned to her old sewing room and there sitting where she had left it all covered in dust, was her trusty sewing machine. "You're back!" it cried and then sneezed bobbins all over the floor from all the dust.

The bag pixie realised that she missed her designing and creating pretty things and after giving her sewing machine a good dusting down decided that it was time to re-open the doors to The Small Things. 
And then she and her sewing machine lived happily ever after.

The End

Translation: I've decided to re-open my long neglected shop, The Small Things!


  1. I miss my dear sewing machine too. Long were the days that I used to sit with him and sew for hours. Now, of course we have to deal with the real world and do real world things it wants us to do. I'm glad you're revisiting it! I might need to too.

  2. I hate the real world sometimes. It can ruin all the fun!


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