Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas coma

So the last...eight (??!) days have passed in a blur of food, wine and sleep.

I can't remember what hunger feels like and I've reached the point where I've started to crave boring, healthy stuff like water and non-chocolate covered food stuffs such as vegetables. Poor abused body.
Not so much a temple as a battered old shed.

Christmas was lovely and Dan surprised me with this..

As you can see it's a picture of a chicken coop, but more specifically, it's a picture of MY chicken coop. I'm getting chickens!

The coop is now sitting outside waiting to be put together. I'm itching to make a start, but it looks like a two person job and unfortunately Dan is now back at work. So in the meantime I'm looking into what else we're going to need to, straw etc. We'll be getting three chickens, but I'm not sure how old or which breed they will be yet.

We had chickens when I was little, but I never paid much attention to their upkeep, that was Mum's job. I just fed them occasionally, collected the eggs and picked the odd one up whenever I was feeling brave.
I also remember dropping one off the milking parlour steps once to see if it would fly. It didn't and it has to be said that while it wasn't hurt, it wasn't best pleased either.
So probably best not do that again then.

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