Sunday, 12 September 2010

Banana bread, shed and er..something else that rhymes with bread

So I made banana bread tonight. I was sat on the sofa with the smell wafting in from the kitchen, feeling all Nigella-esque. Then I checked on it and, oh dear..

I still tastes damned good though which is the main thing eh? So other than whipping up a storm, *ahem* I mean mess in the kitchen I also roped in a reluctant husband to help me varnish the shed ready for winter. This was how it looked before..

And this is how it looks now..

Ok so granted it's not a great deal different as the "varnish" had the consistency of green water, but it definitely looks tidier and is slightly more water proof than it was so I'm happy.

I made a list of things to do before winter and will at some point add it here. It's nothing exciting, just a list of chores that need doing around the house in order to get organised before the weather becomes too cold and wet.

All this list making and chore creating may sound like the least fun way to spend your time, but I'm getting sad, and a tad anal in my old age of 31. It just makes me happy to prepare for the winter months like this. I can enjoy the changing of the seasons while I get them all done and come December when it's cold and yukky, I can snuggle up indoors guilt free, happy in the knowledge that all the tiresome jobs are done and dusted.

So up next...varnishing the fences. Because that's just how I roll ma peeps.

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