Tuesday, 17 August 2010

4 Simple Goals

I meant to post this last week, but totally forgot.

The author of one of the gorgeous blogs I regularly read (A Beautiful Mess) set herself a challenge recently. The concept was easy, she set herself four simple goals to reach by the end of the year and she invited her readers to join in.

I like this idea and it's simplicity so I've decided to take part..albeit a week late. Here girls and boys, are my four things;

1) Photos, photos, photos!

This is always something I tell myself to do more often. I'm not a great photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I do want to document this period of my life more. And how does anyone improve a skill without practice anyway? So my first goal is to take more pictures of my life whether I intend to use them on this blog or not. And whether they're in focus or not.

2) Drink more water

Headaches, bad skin, dark eye circles, lethargy..these are things I get due to never drinking anything more than coffee in an average day. I'm dreadful and I need to get more H2O in my diet in the worst way. I'm not going to make a goal to drink a certain amount, so long as I drink more then I currently do, that will be enough for me.

3) Get the hair cut I've secretly wanted for ages.

I can't even begin to explain just how ridiculously excited I am about this goal and it's probably the simplest of all! I want to get my fringe cut, I'm taking Natasha Khan as my inspiration here. Fingers crossed I will look even a fraction as cute as she does. Although she can keep the antlers.

4) Take one day out of every month and make it 'Me Day'.

This is something I used to do when I ran my Etsy shop. I found that I was so busy that I used to spend all my spare time working on it. That's when I invented Me Days. As the oh so creative name implies, it's a day when I'm given the green light to be 100% selfish and self indulgent. Lie-ins, bubble baths, favourite foods, wine, films, shopping and general slobbing on the sofa . These were things that could feature in my day and now that I'm remembering how great they were, I'm wondering why I ever stopped??
I declare that my next Me Day is scheduled for Tuesday, 31 August.

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